July 4, 2019

Write ahead of yourself

I will be serious for a bit, then I’ll have some fun.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the idea of writing in two different states: behind yourself, and ahead of yourself.

When I write behind myself, it means I am not writing as much as I should. My mind is scattered: I need to sit down, grab a pen, and write. Once I do so, I can figure out what’s bothering me.

I want to avoid writing behind myself, so I’ve got to keep a notebook close. A calm mind is a few words away.

Instead, I aim to write ahead of myself, squeezing words out, instead of falling back and letting them fester in my brain.

And I’ve got to write anything that goes, it does not matter if it flows.

Because writers write.

Not only does writing ahead of yourself prevent stress accumulate in the future, it feels damn good. I’ve been doing this the past several days, and I feel damn gooood.

The important part here, is that it does need to make sense. Put on some music, and get it out. Stream of consciousness, baby.

So let me keep going:

A lot of the writing in this state will end up trashed, but that is completely fine, because gems will appear. They will.

The writing is trash, gone in a flash.

Sometimes I like to take my broken glasses off and write blind, because then I am not getting into the bad habit of editing words as they leave my mind.

I am playing with language like a giant box of lego, not having a plan of what to make. I’m creating only for the sake of creating. My only restriction is what’s in the language box: the colorful words.

If I want, I can make alliterations:

If I want, I can rhyme:

If I want to write a long sentence, I will:

I stop writing and look at the words, look at them as though they have eyes of their own, as they stare back up at me, hoping I would not kill them like I usually do when I edit my work, hoping they can sit still and relax, hoping that today was the time I placed them without worrying whether they could get along beside each other, hoping that they can be friends with their neighbours to the left and the right, and indeed, they can rest easy today, as today, I leave them be.

And if I want to end this post abruptly, and with a short sentence, I will:

Have fun & write ahead.

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