What I've done in 2019

Participated at European Innovation Academy, an entrepreneurship program, as a founder. I helped create a product that connected travellers to locals; my main roles being UX/UI design and branding.
Joyride Training
In a team of two (a whocarescreative project), we designed and developed a unique website for a business that sells bike training videos.
Visualizing human movement paths across a university campus
To support a research project, I created a web visualization using MapboxJS to show data of the University of Calgary campus.
Creative Travel
The first interactive article: writing, design, and creative programming. A whocarescreative project.
All of Her Business
Site design and development for a business & life coach.
Visualizing Top 1000 TED Videos
In a class project, I created a visualization of the top 1000 TED videos from TED.com using D3.js. Desktop only.
HackNYU - Just Write
Co-developed a web application for therapeutic journaling during HackNYU. Won Facebook's sponsor prize.